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Do you have your 300-Year plan, Masayoshi Son Does!

Posted on 17/02/2014 by David Petrik


Masayoshi Son, the renowned billionaire behind the founding of SoftBank Corp., has his 300-Year plan laid out already. In 2010, he decided that by 2040 he would invest in 5,000 companies to give the future heir to the SoftBank company a grand base to build on.

According to Bloomberg Billionaire Index, Son is Japan’s second wealthiest person with an estimated $7.7 billion dollar fortune (2012). As you may recall, Softbank Mobile was Vodafone Japan before Son decided to buy it out right in 2006. Along with the purchase of Vodafone, Son, Has also taken stakes in companies like Yahoo Inc., Aliaba Group and Zynga Inc. So what could he want next? That would be his purchase of the controlling interest in Sprint Nextel Corp. in the United States.

According to Mitsuo Shimizu, an analyst for Iwai Cosmo Securities, “Son has been buying up companies one after the other” also adding “He’s very bold and takes a lots of risks to make SoftBank bigger”. It is still hard to see if Son can take Sprint Nextel Corp. and put it in the top 10-Telecom category in the U.S.

Son, now 55, believes that over the next 30 years, 99.8% of companies would no longer exist. He laid out his forecast in a Darwinian format comparing it to the demise of different species.

“Concerns are spreading about the performance of SoftBank and Sprint,” said Hideki Yasuda, an analyst at Ace Research Institute in Tokyo. “Profit won’t rise quickly even if the acquisition succeeds.”

Some people are questioning whether the purchase of Americas Sprint Nextel Corp., was a wise choice. Recently SoftBank has been in a stock slump and down by nearly 22% and with this wiping out $3.8 billion of Son’s personal net worth. This slump could be related to the idea that Son is planning on acquiring T-Mobile, America’s 4th largest network which like Sprint is currently in a slump of their own.

Source: BloombergBloomberg